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Petewith Pizza Peel over his shoulder


Gosh I just can’t thank you enough for your patience with us this year (well the last two years really!), but we are both finally well and back at work and raring to go! I’m trying to go through all the unanswered emails and phone messages that have accumulated, but if you’ve been waiting patiently for a while and haven’t had an answer, please just get in touch again and prod me along as 5 months of unanswered mail and messages that have been moved around through 2 floods and much hospital panic makes for quite a shambles of a desk (and lord knows it wasn’t exactly organised to start with!).

OK well here we go!,


George Calombaris

George Calombaris is one of Australia's top chefs and is equally recognised as one of the country’s favourite judges on MasterChef Australia, the highest rating program on local television. The oven behind him is a beautiful Melbourne Fire Brick Co creation and George is right: it is a work of art!

Did you see our Tools on TV?

Paul Mercurio uses our Pizza Shovel

Did you also see our tools on the 2017 ABC TV series Pine Gap? We had no idea the tools were on there but we got lots of calls after episode 2 because the tools were featured prominently in the head American spy’s futuristic house and a whole pile of eagle eyed customers noticed. The outdoor area of this house is truly amazing. We have more stills from the episode up in our Customer Photo Gallery (album no 5) if you’d like to see and the series is also available on Netflix now...



We are so excited it's the second time our Oven Tools have been on MasterChef Australia.

S010 - E33 - June 20th 2018



MasterChef Australia - S08 - E24 - June 1st 2016


In this team challenge you can see our Oven Tools in the background of George Calombaris’s beautiful new Hellenic Republic Restaurant in Kew.

You can also see the stunning oven The Melbourne Fire Brick Co built for him.

Bread Bread Bread

FINALLY, THEY’RE HERE!!! I’ve been talking about our NEW WFO BREAD RECIPES PAGES for an embarrassingly long time, but finally, they are done.

Pizza Peel with bread fresh from wood fired oven

And even if I do say so myself, they are REALLY done – a better, more comprehensive bread making guide (in or out of wood fired ovens) you’d have to go a long way to find.

Please check them out AND go make yourself some bread this weekend. You won’t regret it and it’ll make you fall in love with your oven all over again – IT’LL BE THE BEST BREAD YOU’VE EVER EATEN – promise!

A special thanks has to go out to my patient co-contributors too: Scott Megee gave incredibly freely of his time and knowledge, Graham Pritchard let us hitch our ride to his star and (even though there’s no by-line for his contribution).


And buy yourself some of our lovely tools to do it with of course!!!!

We know a MasterChef!!!!!!

Filippo Silvestro using Pizza Peel on Masterchef

So... Pete and I were in a bit of a Labour Day holiday daze last night and just sitting watching the second episode of MasterChef in this new series and who do we see amongst the contestants in the Top 50? Filippo Silvestro (a customer of ours from up in North Queensland) and in the little background story they did on him, THERE HE IS, wielding his shovel AND mezzaluna on national TV! (season 4, episode 2, part 3 of 7)

Filippo Silvestro using Pizza Peel on Masterchef

In the heats last night, he made a delicious roast chicken, stuffed under the skin with a mushroom duxelle and he also made stunning looking homemade bread and... he made it through to the next round! We SO hope he continues (it was very exciting seeing someone we 'know' on there!) and we hope, as fellow oven fanatics, you'll give him your support too. GO FILIPPO!!!!

What Shovel Shape Are You?

Round pizza shovel / pizza peel shape example

Are you a pizza party person? Do you do loads of loaves of bread? Regularly roast like King Henry VIII is coming to dine?

What you do in your oven effects the kind of shovel/peel you need and no matter what that is, we can cater for you. Likewise, if you have a dome oven with curved walls or a great big rectangular nuclear bunker; a big wide welcoming doorway or a tight tiny entry (not that there's anything wrong with that!), these factors are going to affect what tools you require and their size. To help you get EXACTLY what you require (and to save you from getting what you don't), WE HAVE A NEW SECTION titled (imaginatively!): Which Tools Do I Need.

Make sure you check it out before you order.

Photo Gallery Update

Happy wood fired oven tool photo - Mike-R-and-Bernice-B Vince-P backyard wood fired oven 1 Outdoor wood fired oven setting Bruces' fantastic wood fired oven Scott with his wood fired oven and trowel Carl B - wood fired oven Stacey and Mr N - wood fired oven

I hate to brag (no really, I do!) but I have just finished a very thorough update of our family album and boy, are there some stunning oven photo's in there! If you haven't had a browse in our Customer Photo Gallery page for awhile, have a look at how we've grown – there's over 600 photo's on there now (we've had to actually split it into three galleries!) and it's a real resource if you're dreaming up an oven of your own. There's bound to be a style that would look good at your place. Speaking of which:

Did you see our Tools on TV?

Paul Mercurio uses our Pizza Shovel

One of the new episodes of SBS's show Who Do You Think You Are is about Paul Mercurio (SBS Episode) star of Strictly Ballroom and host of Mercurio's Menu and apart from being a really interesting story, there he is, in his backyard, with an Alfresco oven from Sydney Heaters and a full set of our Tools! Apparently he made pizzas for everyone the day they were filming. Whilst we think all of our customers are oven stars, we do have some nice stills taken on the day up in our Customer Photo Gallery.

Backyard Ovens Two is out now!

Back Yard Gardens Volume 1 Cover Back Yard Gardens Volume 2 Cover

I know a lot of you have the little Earth Garden publication 'Backyard Ovens', well, the response to that was so huge that they've put out another volume. It's available at newsagents across the country right now and also online from the Good Life Bookclub.

Wood Oven Recipes Volume 1 Cover

If you're thinking of building an oven, it's a another great resource (and at $19.95, really reasonably priced!), full of real people telling their oven building stories. There are also some recipes in the back and I am very proud to have 2 of mine in there – Pete's favourite cake, The Blacksmith's Breakfast Cake and a lovely Whole Roast Cauliflower done Indian style. It's a nice, light, interesting read – buy it for someone you want to inspire.

You might also like to check out all their other oven-centred publications, including Wood Oven Recipes.

I'm SO embarrassed to have to admit this, but I made a mistake in the Blacksmith's Breakfast Cake recipe in the book...

I don't know how it happened. I checked it all so carefully and I so wanted it to be perfect - not just for you guys - but for the lovely Earth Garden people who've been so good to us. Anyway, there should be one cup of sugar in the base and two cups of sugar in the topping (I know it sounds a lot, but it really is an enormous slab of a thing – those Blacksmith's work hard you know!).

Please accept my apologies for this mistake and thanks to the lovely people who noticed it and emailed me - nice to know you wanted to try it!

YouTube / OurTube

Handforged Tools YouTube Channel

Late last year, we finally bit the bullet and put some YouTube clips up on our own Handforged Tools Channel. We concentrated on getting short clips of all the tools 'in action' (as we fillum people say!) first, but this year we're going to try and get up a few 'talkies'.

Tabouleh with lemon slices in ceramic bowl

At the moment, we're attempting our first 'talkie'. We've shot and are editing a version of the Mezzaluna/Tabouleh Making lesson and the daily rushes look good and (so far!) neither of us has filed for divorce...

Also, just recently we persuaded Robyn (our mate who does the bread knives) into letting us film her slicing bread using the Bread Knife with built-in slicing guide. That's worth a look too.

We can take Credit!

Pete with credit cards on Wood Fired Oven Towel Tool

Yup, finally, we have gone and got credit card facilities and can process payments immediately over the phone.


And I should know - I actually called my brother up and made him do three small transactions from his card so I would have some hands-on experience before anyone put me to the test!

Which reminds me, haven't paid him for that yet – wonder if he'll take a card?

This facility also makes it much easier to process payments from overseas and it makes them cheaper for both sides of the transaction too – shoulda done this a long time ago!

We're getting good at Gifts...

Mezzaluna gift ideas from Slowfood and Handforged Tools

This Christmas just past we really noticed a big increase in the number of sales that were for gifts. It was clear that a lot of people who got ovens during the year have family and friends who pay attention and come Christmas time, those folk turned to us with great gratitude and relief because they were happy to have somewhere to shop for their 'special Christmas Challenge'. We had something to offer (and got to hear tales about!) Difficult Dad's, Sister's Who Have Everything, Terribly Serious Cousins, Ecologically Sound Neighbours, Aunts Who Are Great Cooks, Gran Dad Gadget Collectors, Bosses Who Are Fans of the Bespoke.

Hand Stamped Fathers Day message on Mezzaluna blade

Anyway, the point of all of this is, we're getting a nice supply of gift cards (and even paper) together and we're happy to play (makes US feel good to help you delight someone!), so between our unique products, the engraving and stamping you can use to customise your present with AND a nice card and wrapping, is there anyone in your world who could use a Bread Knife for their birthday or a Mezzaluna for Mother's Day or a Pizza Shovel for a present?

FATHER'S DAY has come and gone once more but there's still time to get him a Christmas oven tool, or kick-start his collection if he's been dropping a few hints or your sick of seeing him working with a wobbly old garden shovel...

Our Vision

Handmade Small Mezzaluna with block stand and Vision text